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Transformation: Lehel  

4-Channel Video and Augmented Reality Installation, 2012

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Multi-channel video and augmented reality installation by Tamiko Thiel,
in technical collaboration with Thomas Lang and with original music
by Gerd Kötter, played on the organ of St. Lukas Church.

With contributions from members of the St. Lukas Church community, who live and work in the
neighborhood of Lehel. Very special thanks to Pastor Beate Frankenberger and the St. Lukas
Church Art Committe, who gave the project a home and a focus and a heart.

Produced by pilotraum01 e.V. as part of "overtures ZeitRäume," a project series on sustainability.
Curators Serafine Lindemann (artcircolo) and Christian Schoen (kunst | konzepte).

Many thanks to esri Deutschland for providing extensive project support,
including the ArcGIS technology for the interactive online map.