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Artworks exploring the intersection of space, place and cultural memory.

Current events:

The iX Visionary Pioneer Award from the Society of Art and Technology (SAT) in Montreal was my first lifetime acheivement award! Does this mean I'm getting old??? If so, bring it on! :-)

Land of Cloud: The Cloud Deities Speak premiered at the VRHAM virtual reality Festival in Hamburg, and completely surprised me by winning the 2018 VRHAM People's Choice Award!

Land of Cloud was also shown June 28th & 29th at the i4c - The Magic in Virtual Reality event in Munich, along with a second edition of Wild Gardens augmented reality installation, in Opernplatz.

Late September: Whitney Museum, New York
I (with the mystery hacker /p) have an Artport commission for "Unexpected Growth," an augmented reality installation that will take over the entire 6th floor terrace of the Whitney as part of the exhibit "Programmed."

Mid October: Wing Luke Museum/Smithsonian Affiliate, Seattle
"Worlds Beyond Here: The Expanding Universe of APA Science Fiction."

See also: Katharine Schwab/Fast Company on how the Connection Machine inspired Steve Jobs.



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