Tamiko Thiel
Touching, Traces
A work series exploring the intimacy of touch on mobile device screens
Digital fine art prints, color or black/white, 21x29cm printed on 30cm x 38cm on Hahnem├╝hle Baryta paper, 2020

The 2020 COVID Election Diaries

The first 3 prints are on view until 20 Jan. 2021 in NYU's Gallatin Galleries, New York City

In the coronavirus crisis we are now hyperaware of the surfaces we touch, and of the traces that may or may not be on those surfaces. Indeed, for those alone in self-isolation, our mobile devices are now the surfaces we touch and stroke most intimately and most often.

These are prints from my 2020 Election Diaries, records of my frantic "doomscrolling" on news sites and Facebook on key days of the 2020 election. Living in Europe, isolated from the events in the USA by time and distance, trying to make to make sense of the weird events and the weeks of uncertainty and suspense, and seeking solace in my online community of friends and media analysts.

2020-09-30 First Biden Trump Debate

2020-11-07 Biden-Harris Declared Winners

2020-11-08 Biden-Harris Victory Speeches

2020-11-09 Republicans Deny Biden-Harris Election Victory

2020-11-11 Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare Against Trump GOP

2020-11-12 Trump Stacks Pentagon with Loyalists

2020-11-21 MI GOP Abides By Election Despite Trump Request to Overthrow Results

2020-11-23 Trump Finally Allows Biden GSA Transition

2020-12-04 Pentagon Blocks Biden's Access to Military Intel

2020-12-09 Supreme Court Rejects PA GOP Suit To Overthrow Election Results

2020-12-11 Supreme Court Rejects TX GOP Suit to Overturn PA, GA, MI, WI Elections

2020-12-14 Electoral College Elects Biden-Harris

2020-12-15 Mitch McConnell Concedes Biden-Harris Victory

2021-01-02 11 GOP Senators Will Challenge Biden-Harris Victory on Jan. 6th

2021-01-03 Trump Demands Georgia Throw Out Election Results

2021-01-06 Warnock & Ossoff Win Georgia Senate Seats,
Trump Rioters Storm Capitol During Biden Election Confirmation Vote

2021-01-07 Despite Attack, Congress Finalizes Biden-Harris Victory

2021-01-10 Twitter Bans Trump

2021-01-13 Trump Impeached Again

2021-01-20 Biden-Harris Inauguration

I had originally plan to conclude this series with the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President and Vice President on January 20, 2021. I couldn't resist adding images from Trump's second impeachment trial, however, since it is directly the result of the attack he supported on the Capitol Building as Congress was verifying the results of the Electoral College vote.

2021-02-09 Trump's 2nd Impeachment Trial Begins:
Video of His Calls for Attack on Capitol Building

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