Tamiko Thiel


Print / Sculpture / Video


A series of unique mp4 video NFTs
Tamiko Thiel, 2022-2023

Exclusively available at xcircle.io
Virtual Berlin Wall

Virtual Berlin Wall

Digital fine art prints on Hanemühle paper, 2020

A print series of views of the Berlin Wall in the 1980s, reconstructed in the VR artwork Virtuelle Mauer/ReConstructing the Wall
Touching, Traces

Touching, Traces

Digital fine art prints on Hanemühle Baryta paper, 2020

A work series exploring the intimacy of touch on mobile device screens in the time of the coronavirus crisis
Strange Growth

Suspended Spring

Video art, made with augmented reality, 2020

Commissioned by the Nantesbuch Foundation for the Arts for Spring online video exhibition during the coronavirus crisis
Strange Growth
Stand By Me
Seattle Center - Astonishment, Odoroku

Brush the Sky

augmented reality fine art prints, Japanese calligraphy public art, 2015

Premiere: CONSTRUCT\S exhibit, Wing Luke Museum
In collaboration with master calligrapher Midori Kono Thiel
hong bao

Goldsegen - Golden Blessings SG50

participatory art project, 2015
Instant prints wall hanging, created with augmented reality

In celebration of Chinese New Year and the 50th anniversary of Singapore, for the ADM Gallery Faculty Show, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore, 2015)

Goldsegen (Golden Blessings), 2014

participatory art project, 2014
Instant prints good luck charms, created with augmented reality

Commissioned for "Das Rätsel des Überflüssigen" ("Conundrum of the Superfluous"), curator Serafine Lindemann/artcircolo, Munich 2014
virtuelle mauer collage

ReVisioning the Virtual Wall

Giclee fine art prints on Hahnemühle Baryta paper, 140cm x 70cm
(2009, T+T - Tamiko Thiel)

These collages compress time and space to create new views into the Virtuelle Mauer VR experience, using renderings and research materials that do not appear directly in the VR piece itself.

In the Land of Babari-an

80 minute video, live dance performance with realtime 3D stage set
(2006, with Shinichi Iova-Koga and Takuya Ishide)

Winner of the "Young Art/New Media" Prize of the City of Munich for 2006
Premiered at DANCE2006, Munich.

secret movements

10 minute video, realtime video & live music performance
(2003, with Christoph Reiserer)

Commissioned for the aDdevantgarde Festival Munich

The Totem Project, Overview

videos and digital fine art prints, 1991 - 1996


digital fine art print series, 1997

Totem of Heavenly Wisdom

five channel video sculpture/single channel video, 1996

Golden Seed

single channel video / video installation, 1991

Beauty and the Beast: The Conjugal Bed

Mixed media found object & sound installation, 1988 (no longer extant)

Created for "La Belle et la Bête," Project Daniel Spoerri

Connection Machine

product design, massively parallel artificial intelligence supercomputer
(1986/1987, Thinking Machines Corp.)

Collections: Museum of Modern Art New York, Smithsonian Institution Washington DC