Tamiko Thiel
Plastocene Dreams
Augmented Reality enhanced fine art print series, Tamiko Thiel, 2024
Canson 310 gram aquarelle paper, mounted on 2mm Alu-Dibond

Exhibition: 08 June - 20 July, 2024 in Karlsruhe, Germany
In "Between now and the future," together with paintings by Gretta Louw
@ Yvonne Hohner Contemporary, Curated by Anabel Roque Rodríguez.

I will donate at least 10% of my profits from sales of these AR prints to organizations that fight ocean plastic waste.
Plastocene Dreams brings your discarded plastic garbage back where came from - in your own home! Only 9% of plastics can be recycled at all, and much of it is sent to countries with poor waste management, and ends up in our oceans. Plastic waste is endangering already stressed coral reefs - and in Greece divers discovered a "coral reef" entirely made of plastic.

Plastocene Dreams
Plastocene Dream AR enhanced fine art prints. Left: scanning print with AR app in iPad; right: AR view in iPad display.

Plastocene Dreams
Plastocene Dream AR enhanced fine art prints: AR view in AR app display.

Plastocene Dream AR enhanced fine art prints: video recording of AR app display for 3 prints.

When viewed in my augmented reality (AR) app, the 2D prints transform into 3D "plastic waste corals" that grow out of your wall and are encircled by swarms of colorful reef fish and flocking plastic garbage. The burbling sound of a scuba diver's breathing apparatus provides a soothing ambient background. If you have several prints, the fish and their accompanying plastic garbage will follow you from image to image.