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Land of Cloud

2017, Preliminary sketch for a possible Google Tilt Brush Artist in Residence project


Three days journey beyond Space and Time lies the Land of Cloud. The people there are silent. They communicate not through speech, gesture or gaze, but instead through strange and wondrous "cloud mirrors." These devices keep them in constant contact with their deity, The Cloud, in whose image they are created - their bodies are themselves composed of softly billowing clouds.

The Land of Cloud is a beautiful garden, but the Cloud People are oblivious to their surroundings. They stare into their devices, motionless, spellbound by whispers from The Cloud. The garden slowly envelops them in its boughs


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Tilt Brush:

I am honored to be part of Google Tilt Brush's Artist in Residence program! Land of Cloud is the first sketch I have done with the app, and I am in discussions with the team to decide whether to pursue this concept further, or work on a different concept.

Tilt Brush is a wonderful new program from Google that allows you to draw in 3-dimensional virtual space - sculptural drawing. It has the fluidity of paint but your drawing surrounds you in three dimensional space. It currently runs only on the HTC Vive and the wonderful Tilt Brush team around Patrick Hackett and Drew Skillman is working hard to add features to it, in order to create a fully functional platform.

As I tend to think in terms of interactive virtual worlds, I see the current version of Land of Cloud as a concept sketch for a more complex virtual world that I would like to create in the near future.

There is currently no embedded 3d spatial sound, so I added a sound track to this video to demonstrate to the team how I imagine sound enhancing the virtual world:



In Land of Cloud, each plant is created with a unique brush, texture and calligraphic gestural stroke that determines its form, appearance and composition. The "human" figures are created of softly billowing clouds that coalesce into constantly shifting bodies. Like action painters and calligraphers, the very act of creation becomes a immersive, gestural experience in which not just the hand, or arm, but the full body is the brush - and the canvas an immersive space.



Many thanks to the Tilt Brush team, especially to Tory Voight, Elisabeth Morant, Leah Draper, Ciaran Wills - and of course Patrick Hackett and Drew Stillman, without whom Tilt Brush would not exist!