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The Richard Feynman
and CM-1 T-shirt
Memorial Photo shoot

With Apple's "Think different" ad campaign providing the raw materials, a number of us ex-Thinking Machines employees put on our CM-1 T-shirts and gathered in San Francisco to celebrate Richard Feynman and the CM-1.

What Apple doesn't know is that Danny Hillis and I worked up the T-shirt design to describe the architecture of the CM-1. The cube-of-cubes was how I visualized Feynman's description of the 12-D boolean hypercube, with the fuzzy balls representing the software links that could connect independent of the hypercube network.

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The T-shirt ultimately became the inspiration for the actual physical form of the machine itself. You can read that story in a short version or the longer version that I published in Design Issues, a design theory journal.

As an ironic footnote, a friend who worked for Steve Jobs at NeXT told me the CM-1 was the inspiration for the form of his NeXT machine.

Press: Chris Nolan documented our little escapade in her business gossip column "Talk is Cheap" in the San Jose Mercury News.
I've re-issued
the CM-1 t-shirt!
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Images on this website came from the cameras of Lew Tucker, Sheri Kramer and Tamiko Thiel. Who actually took any given photo is somewhat unclear, but many thanks to Sheri Kramer, Mary Austin and Suzanne Anderson who probably took most of them.

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