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CM-1/CM-2 "Feynman" T-shirts

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CM-1 Logo design:

CM-1 logo

This is the t-shirt logo I designed in 1983, even before we had come up with the design for the CM-1 itself. In fact, we designed the CM-1 to look like this logo, thus making it the only supercomputer designed after a t-shirt!

The t-shirt became famous in the 1990s when Apple used a photo of Nobel physicist Richard Feynman wearing it in their "Think different" campaign. Read on to see why he wore it!
(See also Thunkos photo shoot!)


Short explanation of the logo:

  • The geometric boxes and their 'hard' connections represent the 12-dimensional 'cube of cubes' that forms the internal hardware network connecting all processor chips with each other in a maximum of 12 steps. Feynman is the one who suggested this structure, and I played with the topology until I came up with this representation, which can be expanded for an infinite number of dimensions.

  • The pom-poms and their 'soft' connections represent the software data structures inside the machine, which need not follow the topology of the hardware network.

  • For the full story, read the chapter "Architecture of a new machine" in my article on designing the look of the Connection Machine!

Colors: There are many color schemes, but I consider the 'classic' CM-1 to be:

  • t-shirt: black like the machine itself
  • 12-dimensional cube of cubes: yellow-gold for the hardware network
  • 'pom-poms:' red like the blinking red processor status lights



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Men's designs
Women's / Kids designs

logo men's

CM-1 tote bag

All the men's CM-1 Logo products use the Flex Print technology. This is very durable, but requires a thicker line width and therefore a larger design.

Some women's t-shirts can use the larger, durable Flex Print. For those who wish a smaller, finer design, I offer versions using the Digital Direct printing technology, which provides much finer detail.

All kids' t-shirts use the very durable Flex Print Tech.

Various accessories with the CM-1 Logo, using the Flex Print technology.



Order the Feynman CM-1 t-shirt in Europe:


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Men's, Women's and Kid's Designs & Accessories

CM-1 mens t-shirtCm-1 logo women's Cm-1 logo women's CM-1 mens t-shirt

  • Most products use the Flex Print technology, which is very durable but requires a design with thick line width.

  • The kid's t-shirts, because they are smaller, in the European shop have to use the Digital Direct technology, which is not quite as durable and has a different surface structure and coloring.

Many, many thanks to the helpful folks at spreadshirt.com!

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