Tamiko Thiel
Participatory deepfake artificial intelligence net art, Tamiko Thiel and /p, 2020/2021
Go Fake Yourself! net art version was commissioned by The Photographers' Gallery.


Lend me your face

Lend Me Your Face: Go Fake Yourself! is an online net art version of our participatory deepfake AI video project Lend Me Your Face!. It allows you to upload your own face and generate your own personal, private deepfakes of your face, animated by our selected public figures.

If no one else is in the queue, the first deepfake will take about a minute to render. If there are too many other participants in the queue, you will get a note to try again later.

You can close the browser window and come back later (on the same device!) to see your videos under View My Videos. Your private videos can ONLY be seen on your own device.

Whilst your deepfakes are being generated, you can view public videos that we have permission to share.

All your data, photos and videos remain private and anonymous, existing only on your private, anonymized view of the Lend Me Your Face! website. You can delete all your data at any time with the button Delete All My Data.

Go Fake Yourself! was commissioned by The Photographers' Gallery as a net art version of Lend Me Your Face!

See also my interview with Sarah Cook, curator and professor in Information Studies at the University of Glasgow. Part of Unthinking Photography, The Photographers' Gallery's online space for discussions on the expanding nature of the medium.