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Touching, Traces  

A work series exploring the intimacy of touch on mobile device screens

Digital fine art prints, color or black/white, each 30cm x 40cm on Hahnemühle Baryta paper, 2020

In the coronavirus crisis we are now hyperaware of the surfaces we touch, and of the traces that may or may not be on those surfaces. Indeed, for those alone in self-isolation, our mobile devices are now the surfaces we touch and stroke most intimately and most often.


2020-04-06 (green): Freshly cleaned / After writing an email / At the end of the day



What does touch look like?

How does it change day to day, and change with activities and state of mind?

What does the surface look like when it is as clean as possible?

After writing an email?

After going through the morning ritual of answering emails and reading several daily online newspapers?

After a day of use or after several days of use?



2020-04-06 / 2020-05-14 / 2020-05-17 (green): Morning email and news



2020-04-02 / 2020-04-04 / 2020-04-26 (b/w): At the end of each day (Homage to Rodin's 'Gates of Hell'!)



(c) Tamiko Thiel, 2020